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You may have noticed that events have been taking place both here, and in-game. This is due to the removal of CptAmerica from his Owner position. This may appear as a blunt choice, but there are reasons behind everything we do.

To begin, a few months ago it was decided between me and Nick that he would receive 50% of the profits and be labeled as an owner as long as he brought the server back up, however Nick began to think that the server was completely his to own, doing many major things without asking, and overall trying to take control of the server. As you may remember from earlier this year, there was a large incident which was blown out of proportion regarding our former staff manager, Ryme, and him. There were many things said from both parties, but the way it was dealt with seemed inappropriate for the situation. Eventually, with some interjections from other people in the staff team this was resolved, however it was not dealt with the correct way to begin with. For example, instead of dealing it in a private conversation, he brought the issue into the collective staff chat for all to see (as shown here).

He had a tendency to continuously procrastinate about his social-life, using them as an excuse to almost never work on the server when he didn’t feel like it, hence the lower number of updates in this version of Gamma compared to when it was first being released. This was done many times, and some evidence for this is here, here and here. Another thing, in regards to updates, is how he, instead of requesting our own build team create them, stole spawns from other servers, that some of you may remember during the incident with Skyblock. He also stole some more builds, and used some free ones available online. This would have impacted Gamma’s permanent...

I know that Build Competitions were quite popular in v2, so I thought that I'd bring it back along with more events to the community soon! I'm not too great at intros so I'll get right into the information: rules, dates, theme, and prizes!

  • Max team limit of two users
  • Must be built on a SINGULAR plot on the CREATIVE server
  • Plots that are not finished will be dq'd
  • Have fun!

You will be required to post your two person team on this thread by January 30th! After you have chosen your team you may begin building whenever, while following the rules above! The set end date will be February 10th, that is when the three judges will judge the plots.

The theme for this build competition will be fantasy! Make it a more popular theme to begin with!


1st Place - The user who comes in first place will earn a $20 GammaMC Voucher

2nd Place - The user who comes in second place will earn a $15 GammaMC Voucher

3rd Place - The user who comes in third place will earn a $10 GammaMC Voucher

With all of that information, the users who will be judging the competition will be:

Isaah - Flippyy - ItzTyler

I wish you all the best of luck, and have fun!

- Isaah

As some of you may have already noticed in-game, on the forums or even in Discord, I have been recently promoted to Staff Manager -- Ryme's old position. Now, although I am in his old position, I am changing things up just a tad from what him and I conjured up prior to the whole shift of things. Although this says "final system", I don't know for sure, this is more than likely going to be the system I use however.

In the following you'll find: Helper Application System, Promotion System, Staff Limit.

Helper Application System:
- Removing the "Month Clause" meaning you can apply for Helper whenever you see fit
- Lowering the "Demotion Clause" from six months to four months to re-apply if demoted
- Lowering the re-apply rate from three months to 45 days to re-apply if denied
- All Helper's must go through 30 days of a trial period before being demoted/promoted
- Each application will be up for a maximum of fourteen days before it is automatically denied, other than that, it will be accepted or denied before then
- After your application is accepted, you will be moved into an interview stage where you will be questioned by myself and another Administrator before being accepted
- Age limit has been moved from 15 to 13.

Promotion System:
All-in-all, the promotions and demotions go through myself, however there is a small group of higher-up staff members that are to bring them up and discuss them. Helpers right before their 30 day period is up will be brought up in this discussion and that is how you are chosen to be promoted/demoted. You are not based upon your ability to punish users, however you are judged upon your activity, ability to converse with the community and your ability to be a leader.

Staff Limit:
A staff limit has been put in place to restrict the amount of people accepted, promoted and demoted at a time. Below you will find the staff limit.

Helpers - 5
Moderators - 3
Senior Moderators - 2
Administrators - 2

EDIT: We're back online!


You may have noticed that the servers (excluding skyblock/lobby) are temporarily down. This is because we are preparing to future-proof Gamma, add some more space and fix some database errors before the other servers are released. By the time you see this, Skyblock itself may be down, as the whole server (including the website) will be undergoing maintenance later tonight. Thank you for being patient.

While we're here, I'll provide you with a quick list of updates:
  • Improved lag on creative.
  • Banned some blocks from worldedit on creative to reduce crashes.
  • Added a /withdraw command on skyblock!
  • Reset the onlinetime database, you can now do /ot to get your own ontime, /ot get <player> to get theirs, and /ot top to see the top players on Gamma! Old, pre-reset screenshot here.
  • Updated chat again!
  • Bug fixes (fixed crates so they display & reward properly!)
  • And more!

Today we have released our Creative server. We are very proud to launch it finally after a few weeks of error and trial. We hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do. A known bug on creative is players not receiving their rank like on KitPvP. If your rank is lost on Creative. Just notify a Staff Member and they will notify an Administrator or myself to fix.

Creative Spawn Builders: @Pogg - @Mason (Credit goes to them)

- Cosmetic Menu (All Donators Have Access)
- Vote for 12 hours of world edit (Most Vote on all FIVE links)
- Marriage
- Disguises
- Particles
- And much more.
NOTE: These are mostly for donators sadly.. We are trying our best to think of new ideas for creative every day. So we are open to suggestions. As always!
Now that we have finally launched Creative. We are proud to announce we have made many updates to individual servers and have hit breaking points!

- /buy now works in-game
- /vote is now Network-Wide (KitPvP/Creative, etc.)
- Voting was broken, but we fixed that right away
- Creative released
- Website became a throwback
- Various suggests have been added
- Playerbase increase?
- Ranks & Tab Update
- 50% Flash Sale (We will have a 10% off sale for the rest of the month)
We will have an official update log that will have happen every Friday. So we can stop spamming the forums with announcements on every single update / bug fix. These announcements will be controlled by @JustTh4tGuy and myself.
We hope everyone enjoys Creative. The server may have a few lag issues that @JustTh4tGuy will be able to look into with me. But for some suggestions such as plot holograms and etc. They may or may not be disabled in the future. Now thank you for all the constant support on Gamma, we hope 2017 promises us a bright future and our players..